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The RWSSP-WN Briefs provide synopsis of various studies, field notes and data that may or may not have been published in other reports and studies related to the project.

January 24, 2019


RWSSP-WN Brief 1-2019  describes how the Municipality WASH Plan was made in harinas Rural Municipality, Syangja district. It takes the learning from the earlier VDC and District WASH Plans. The M-WASH Plan is the integrated, holistic and dynamic WASH plan leads to sustainable water, sanitation and hygiene related services for all. This includes information on how data are collected, how to assess and improve data quality, and how the information is used by those who should primarily use it: municipality-level decision makers, including municipality staff, politicians and such as W-WASH-CCs and M-WASH-CC.



Click here for the RWSSP-WN Brief 1-2019 

Click here for the full Municipality WASH Plan of Harinas in Nepali.

Click here for the full Municipality WASH Plan of Harinas in English


January 31, 2019


 RWSSP-WN Brief 2-2019 presents the Semi-Annual Progress Report for the first half of the sixth Fiscal Year (FY06). It covers the six-month period of Nepali FY2075/076 (July 17, 2018 to January 14, 2019). This report presents the progress of both the municipalities programmes funded through the Municipality WASH Development Funds and the work funded through TA accounts.

Click here for the RWSSP-WN Brief 2-2019

Click here for the FY06 Semi-Annual Progress Report with Annexes





March 8, 2019


RWSSP-WN Brief 3-2019 RWSSP-WN Thinking Equal, Building Smart, Innovating for Change #WomensDay2019 focuses on women as Water Users and Sanitation Committee (WUSC) members. The data originates from the Project water supply scheme database, from gender-focused survey and from the '100 lift schemes' survey.  This #BalanceforBetter #IWD201  #WomensDay2019 this Brief looks at the results both quantitative and qualitatively, particularly with respect to GESI aspects. Are water schemes likely to be more functional if WUSC has enough women? 

Click here for RWSSP-WN Brief 3-2019


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