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Municipality WASH Units

RWSSP-WN II is embedded into local government structures. Nepal has recently gone through significant changes in its decentralization process and as a result, RWSSP-WN II has transferred its focus from the districts to the municipality level. Since the beginning of Fiscal Year Five, the Project has been implemented by 55 Municipality WASH Units that lead WASH development in their corresponding areas. The Project supports these units both financially and technically. We believe that operational municipalities that support local communities in water and sanitation management are the prerequisite for sustainable WASH services.


The long-term vision for the Municipality WASH Unit shall be that it will remain operational also after the completion of RWSSP-WN II, continuing to ensure that all the citizens of the municipality have sustainable and functional WASH services and facilities.


Municipality WASH Unit is the frontline cadre for WASH implementation in the municipality. Municipality WASH Unit staff work in direct contact with beneficiaries to deliver quality WASH services and to enhance the capacities of communities. The Municipality WASH Unit is entirely responsible for implementing the decisions made by the Municipality WASH Management Committee.


Municipality WASH Management Committee (M-WASH-MC) is responsible for the planning, coordination, administration and management of all WASH activities in its corresponding area. Composition of M-WASH-MC can be as follows:


  • Municipality Chairperson

  • Municipality Vice-Chairperson

  • Municipality Chief Administrative Officer

  • Municipality Civil Engineer (Municipality staff)

  • Municipality WASH Unit Chief / WASH Focal Person (Municipality staff, can be the same person as above)

  • Project representative (WASH Advisor/Project Officer/PCO/PSU)

  • WASH Coordinator (WASH Unit staff)


For detailed roles and responsibilities, see the Memorandums of Understanding signed bythe Municipalities.


Institutional setup within the municipalities

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