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These pages offer three types of publications and links: those produced in RWSSP-WN Phase I in between (2006-08/2013), and those that are produced and practiced in RWSSP-WN Phase II (09/2013 -> ). The third page offers web-page links to our close stakeholders and some selected key documents that guide the project.

Publications RWSSP-WN Phase II (09/2013-> )


The current collection of RWSSP-WN Phase II documents are updated here. The collection includes the Project Document, Inception report, progress reports, studies and plans, present MOUs and guidelines.


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District Strategic WASH Plans

This page offers the links to the all the completed District Strategic WASH Plans and related District and Village Development Committee (VDC) WASH Guidelines and formats. 


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Publications RWSSP-WN Phase I          (2007-2013)


Archive of the RWSSP-WN Phase I publications include the Phase I Project Document, annual progress reports, mid-term review, research and study reports, MOUs, guidelines and manuals, as well as a variety of information, education and communications materials. This page has materials that may not be valid for the Phase II anymore, but highly useful for learning and reference, and hence, left here as an archive. 


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Relevant Links and Districts


This page offers the links to the web-sites of our working districts, as well as all the completed District Strategic WASH Plans. This page also has web-links to our close stakeholders and partners, as well as to specific selected documents that guide RWSSP-WN Phase II but which are not produced by us.


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WaterFinns ry: Finnish non-governmental organization specialized in helping young professionals to gain experience in international WASH projects. In 2014, WaterFinns ry took the challenge to evaluate the long-term sustainability of Finland—Nepal WASH cooperation results. Supported by the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland and Maa- ja vesitekniikan tuki ry, the organization launched the NAPA WASH project.
A large amount of quantitative and qualitative data was collected and analysed, to evaluate the current status of RWSSP water supply schemes that were completed over 10 years ago. RWSSP long-term results are an important point of interest, as the current bilateral Finland—Nepal WASH projects are built on the RWSSP modality. Click here for the synthesis report that gives further references to NAPA WASH related studies.


Finland’s Country Strategy 2016–2019


Finland’s Country Strategy 2016–2019 is now available. Finland continues to support improved water supply and sanitation due to Nepal’s strong commitment to this sector, remarkable previously achieved results and the significant impact this sector has on the livelihoods of women and children.


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