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Key Principles of V-WASH Plan:


  • Leadership by local government and community management

  • Promote bottom up approach of planning

  • Fully participatory and inclusive process, taking into account the rights of all people

  • Capacity enhancement at local level

  • Community awareness in key aspects

  • Water resources inventory and analysis

  • Scheme prioritization on need-basis

  • Identification and planning of watershed and water resource conservation and relevant climate change adaptation and disaster risk reduction aspects


As of June 2018, the Project is piloting a new approach into making of a Municipality WASH Plan in collaboration with the Harnias Rural Municipality, Syangja district. This apporach utilizes mobile-phone technology too bring in the voice of 100% of the households within the municipality.


(V-WASH Plans)


The Village Development Committee (VDC) WASH Plan supports the districts and their VDCs in preparing inclusive and comprehensive VDC-wide plans for water supply, sanitation and hygiene. This holistic and integrated planning pays attention to all clusters of each ward and hence, is also in line with the human rights based approach to WASH.


The Village Development Committee (VDC) WASH Plan identifies the existing use of water resources in the VDC and makes an integrated water use plan using rational, equitable and sustainable procedures. It also identifies methods to achieve Total Behavioural Change in hygiene and sanitation in the VDC. Issues related to water safety, disaster risk reduction and climate change are also incorporated in the plan.


The objectives of V-WASH Plan are:

  • Inventory of water resources and the existing water and sanitation related infrastructure/ facilities

  • Identification and prioritization of potential activities in drinking water, hygiene & sanitation, nutrition and income generation sectors

  • Preparation of VDC level strategic and annual WASH Plans

  • Defining the baseline status of water, sanitation and hygiene in VDC and establishing targets

  • Promoting permanent Total Behavioral Change in Hygiene and Sanitation

  • Integration of VDC WASH plan into other development plans  in an integrated manner 


The VDC WASH Plan preparation approach follows the spirit of the Nepal National Sanitation and Hygiene Master Plan. It also brings in the good practices and lessons learned in preparing VDC Water Use Master Plans (WUMPs) as practiced over the past years by the Rural Village Water Resources Management Project (RVWRMP) in Mid and Far Western Nepal.







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