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Closed - Call for Sealed Quotations


The purpose of this assignment is to establish the actual status of four water supply schemes that were started in Rural Water Supply and Sanitation Project in Western Nepal Phase I (RWSSP-WN) and carried over to RWSSP-WN Phase II in September 2013, and which still in December 2018 remain to be finalized, and recommend on how to clear these within the remaining five months of Phase II. This is Quality- and Cost-Based Selection.

RWSSP-WN Phase II calls for sealed quotations from the Certified Auditors for the assignment as described in this Term of Reference, see link below. The interested company/consultancy will have to submit the following documents for eligibility: 1. A copy of consultancy/company/organization Registration Certificate with updated renewal. 2. The consultancy/company/organization profile with work experiences of minimum five years for conducting similar assignments. 3. CVs of proposed human resources for completion of this assignment and copy of other required supporting documents. 4. A copy of PAN or VAT Registration Certificate. 5. A copy of Tax Clearance Certificate of FY 2074/75 or the latest one. 6. A commitment letter from the consultancy/company/firm mentioning that they will agree and work with RWSSP-WN's policy. All sealed quotations should be submitted to the RWSSP-WN Liaision Office in Jawlakhel or to the Project Support Unit, Pokhara. For further instructions, call RWSSP-WN Liaison Office 01-5550628 or 01-5543301

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