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Congratulations to Nawalparasi for District ODF!

1 July 2015

Nawalparasi is the first out of three RWSSP-WN working districts in the challenging Terai context to declare Open Defecation Free. In the entire Nepal, Nawalparasi is the second Terai district to become ODF. 


RWSSP-WN had provided training to Social Mobilizers of all municipalities and VDCs in Nawalparasi. RWSS-WN also conducted Orientation about sanitation and hygiene  to VWASHCCs of all VDCs at VDC levels over the years. At district level we have conducted orientation to VDC secretaries. RWSSP-WN given reward money of Rs 500 per new toilet to VDC  in its Phase I and Rs 300 to Tarai VDCs and Rs 200 to hill VDCs for sustainability of ODF and for conducting post ODF activities. We have also supported VDCs by triggering at community level, household visit for monitoring and use of toilet through our social staffs (Lead WASH Facilitators, Health Promoters,and Field Coordinators). We have also distributed behaviour change messages by media. We have also supported district by formation of WASH Journalist forum and orienting them.


With Best Regards, Shambhu Prasad Sah

D-WASH Adviser, Nawalparasi

Sanitation in Terai context is more challenging compared to hill districts due to high population and density, migratory population, shortage of land and land entitlements, history of the subsidy policy, heterogeneity of communities and cultural characteristics, to name some of the factors. District ODF was celebrated on 30th of June 2015 with a number of high level guests, including representation from the Embassy of Finland. This is the result of more than two decades of sanitation campaigning in Nawalparasi; the first ODF VDC in Nawalparasi (Pragatinagar) was declared in 2007, after which the movement has spread to each VDC and municipality (51 and 6), reaching every household (128,760) in Nawalparasi. The total population of the district – the beneficiaries of today´s improved sanitation conditions – is 643,508. RWSSP-WN has supported the district´s sanitation campaign since the Phase I (started in 2008) by, for example, providing sanitation campaigning (CLTS) training to Social Mobilizers of all municipalities and VDCs in Nawalparasi and orientating V-WASH-CCs of all VDCs on how to lead the sanitation and hygiene campaign in their respective VDCs. Local project staff has directly supported VDCs in behaviour change triggering at community level and conducted household visits for monitoring the status of toilets. At district level, we have conducted orientation to VDC secretaries. We have also disseminated behaviour change messages through media and supported the formation of WASH Journalist forum. In his speech to the public, Lal Krishna Sharma Paudel, the Local Development Officer of Nawalparasi, highlighted that a “sanitation facility (latrine), which is related with the public health and social prestige, is taken as the fundamental right by the citizens of this district”. He also committed to continue the district´s support towards total sanitation, “to make Nawalparasi district as model district in total and sustainable sanitation by implementing behavior change in hygiene and sanitation activities…” RWSSP-WN II will continue its support in sustaining the sanitation achievements, i.e. in the area of use and maintenance of public, institutional and school toilets, as well as support to the Total Sanitation activities initiated by the VDCs.

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