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Markabang in Pyuthan Moving Towards Total Sanitation


Markabang VDC wards 6 & 7 were declared Total Sanitized wards in June 10, 2015 with presence of Chief Guest LDO Mr. Pushpa Ratna Ranjit, along with chief of political leaders and representatives of the government organizations, INGOs and NGOs chief and representatives, Journalists, civil society, teachers, students, Female Community Health Volunteers and residents of those two wards. There was the presence of VDC Secretaries, VDC level political leaders, and Ward Citizen Forum members as well. 

The cultural committee showed the cultural program during declaration ceremony. Some of the students of Sunnani Higher Secondary School recite poem, sung a sanitation song, danced in sanitation songs. Most of the participants were very happy seeing fulfilling the Total Sanitation indicators by villagers and at the same time they were delighted with the cultural program as well. All together there are 89 HHs in those 2 wards fulfilling the Total Sanitation indicators as directed by Sanitation Master Plan 2068. The VDC was declared ODF way back to 02.01.2013 in 40th place out of 49 VDCs. Yet, in the Total Sanitation movement they are in front. VDC has made plan to declare Total Sanitize VDC within 2015 A.D. which seems possible because people are honest and eager to anything in any cost. Ward no. 4 & 5 are also ready to be declared. The total Sanitation indicators those are fulfilled by wards are follows: 1. Each household has a permanent improved and hygienic toilet with facilities of water, soap, toilet cleaning materials, sandals 2. all people wash their hands with soap in critical times 3. Point of Use drinking water treatment (all households have water filters) 4. Personnel hygiene (all people bath, brush their teeth, combing, nail cutting, wash their clothes, wash their hands etc.) 5. Household and environmental level sanitation: all have drying rack, garbage pit, washing plate, improve cooking stove, covering water pot, sanitation inside and outside houses, environmental sanitation etc. All households have fulfilled above mentioned indicators and have vowed to continue in future as well. They promised that they will fulfill other advanced indicators in coming days as well. One of the villagers Mrs. Loki Pun said: "It is a proud and pleasant moment for us, we wanted to declare it one year back but unfortunately we couldn't as few houses still have to fulfill the indicators. We have done this with ease with help support of RWSSP-WN II, and looking forward support in future as well." Some district authorities still feel that there is scarcity of water, so District should fulfill their demand to continue the sanitation activities. Among political leaders, Mr. Krishna Khadka said, ̔ You have done excellent job declaring wards Total Behaviour Changed wards but you have to continue in future as well.̓ He also highlighted the importance of water in total sanitation activities. The Chief Guest, Mr. Pushpa Ratna Ranjit congratulated the villagers for achieving the Total Sanitation Status in wards, and also provided appreciation letter and reward form DDC, RWSSP-WN II and wished all the best for incoming days.

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